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MP Highways are an engineering design consultancy based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We provide standards compliant highway design solutions for a range of clients throughout the UK covering:

  • Asphalt (Flexible) pavement design – Our staff are Members of the IAT and specialise in asphalt pavement design. We can offer effective designs that accommodate various loading criteria for any type of ground conditions, which are the overall best solution in terms of initial costs, maintenance period costs and buildability. We have design experience on local roads, motorways, car parks, industrial developments, Energy from Waste (EfW) projects, housing developments, etc. across the UK and overseas. We have designed and specified projects using Asphaltic Concrete (AC), Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA), Gussasphalt, Steelphalt, Thin Surface Course Systems (TSCS), Porous Asphalt (PA) and can advise on the commercial, buildability, performance, suitability and maintenance considerations of each material, alongside SAMIs, geogrids and the like. We also have experience of remix, repave and shallow depth recycling techniques.
  • Concrete (Rigid and Composite) pavement design – Further to the above, we also have vast experience of concrete pavement design and maintenance. We can recommend when rigid, composite or flexible pavements would be most suitable and can provide solutions which are cost effective and bring in experience from the past 70+ years of highway engineering to minimise and avoid typical problems. We have recently designed a number of solutions using continuously reinforced concrete base (CRCB) and asphalt overlay on Brownfield sites with significant differential settlement anticipated. We have also designed and specified jointed reinforced concrete (JRC) pavements with smaller differential settlement anticipated. Further to the above a number of our staff have designed maintenance projects involving saw cut, crack and seat and rubblisation techniques.
  • Traffic sign, post and foundation design using SignPlot, as per the TSM.
  • Road markings design using AutoCAD, meeting the TSRGD / TSM requirements.
  • Chapter 8 traffic management design at roadworks.
  • Road safety and junction improvements.
  • Roundabout and junction design using Civil 3D and MX.
  • Drainage design using MicroDrainage.