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The New ‘Shell Bitumen Handbook’ – 6th Edition

Shell Bitumen Handbook 6th Edition

Shell Bitumen Handbook 6th Edition

The 5th edition of the Shell Bitumen Handbook (SBH5) was published in late 2003, written by a team led by Dr John Read (now professor) and Dave Whiteoak. SBH5 was published by Thomas Telford Publishing for Shell Bitumen.

In September 2013 a meeting took place at the Shell Centre in London to organise publication of the 6th edition of the Shell Bitumen Handbook (SBH6). From the outset it was decided that the new edition would not be an update, but instead it would consist of almost entirely new text and on 30th January, SBH6 was published by ICE publishing.

SBH6 contains 24 chapters and 8 very useful appendices. Shell staff from all over the world collaborated on 20 of the Chapters with 4 Chapters on specialised areas written by non-Shell personnel.

SBH6 has been invested in heavily by Shell and it is likely to become the primary asphalt technology reference, subject to it’s hefty price of £110, compared with just £40 for the previous version, SBH5. For more information on the release of SBH6, please refer to Dr Robert N Hunter’s article in issue no. 63 of the Asphalt Professional magazine, produced by the Institute of Asphalt.

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Martin Procter BSc (Leeds & Leeds Met) MIAT

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