Pavement Design

MP Highways have vast experience of pavement design and maintenance, with some our staff holding professional qualifications, such Membership of the Institute of Asphalt Technology. This allows us to keep up to speed with emerging UK and worldwide trends and innovations in pavement design and maintenance. Our staff have designed pavement renewal schemes on flexible, rigid, composite and evolved pavements on motorways and trunk roads between Milton Keynes and Newcastle for MAC Areas 7, 12 and 14. We have experience of analytical pavement maintenance design, using various technical surveys and lab tests to ensure the required design life. We also have experience of empirical pavement design based upon pavement cores, FWD, DCP and TRL reports which describe the monitored performance of various approaches, i.e. saw cut crack seat and inlay, use of stress absorbing membrane interlayers (SAMIs), Rubblisation, etc. We have experience of designing, specifying and using technicques such as Repave, Remix, Cold Recycling and Retexturing to name a few.

Our Managing Director, Martin Procter, has experience at various technical levels within MAC Area 12 and also as Quality and Technical Lead, Independent Assessor and Lead Works Package Manager & Project Manager for a large consultancy providing a high level of design support to MAC Areas 7, 12 and 14. With this experience, we can guarantee our service is carried out at a very high technical level, with a focus on quality, whilst ensuring time and cost constraints are met.

Note: Before we accept a package of design work, we would review the scheme briefs to highlight any issues that may affect scope, cost, time or quality and provide feedback to our Client. Typically though, we have the staff resources and flexibility as a dedicated team to work around most issues.