Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

  1. Safety of our staff, stakeholders, customers and the general public is MP Highways’ top priority.
  2. MP Highways’ approach to Health and Safety is based on zero tolerance of unsafe working practices. Everyone in the MP Highways organisation is empowered to take action on safety related issues and every incident will be reported and investigated and corrective actions implemented.
  3. Everyone within MP Highways has a legal obligation to comply with statutory duties and utilise the established systems, practices and training that are provided.
  4. MP Highways is fully committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of its staff, so far as is reasonably practicable. We fully accept our responsibility for other persons who may be affected by our activities and to minimise the environmental impact of those activities.
  5. All projects will be properly resourced at all times to reflect MP Highways’ commitment to comply with all applicable legislation.
  6. Suitable facilities and arrangements will be maintained for all MP Highways staff and their representatives to raise quality, health, safety and environmental issues.
  7. All MP Highways staff will be given appropriate information, instruction and training to deliver a high quality service to our customers, ensure the safe performance of all work activities and being prudent when making decisions that affect our planet.
  8. MP Highways is committed to continually improve quality, health, safety and environmental systems and performance to prevent work related ill health and accidents, and to effectively manage environmental impacts, waste and use of energy with the aim of preventing pollution and minimising waste.
  9. MP Highways will ensure compliance with the applicable workplace health, safety and environment laws and regulations is treated as the minimum standard everywhere business is conducted.
  10. MP Highways will protect anyone who takes part in our operations and/or comes into contact with our work sites and offices.
  11. MP Highways will focus on hazard recognition, risk assessment and elimination of hazards.
  12. This policy and our performance will be reviewed on an annual basis and Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental objectives and targets will be set for MP Highways’ activities.
  13. MP Highways will make this policy available to its staff, stakeholders and other interested parties.