Our accredited NEC Project Managers have experience of administering contracts from £1m to £1bn on highways, rail and buildings projects.

Our varied and extensive project and programme management experience brings a significant added value proposition to our clients allowing them to achieve their desired outcomes and benefits.

Our staff include Better Business Case Practitioners, experienced with HM Treasury Green Book, WebTAG and related guidance and can project manage projects through SOC, OBC and FBC stages. PARs and OGC Gateway reviews as per the IPA can also be arranged, where required.

Our seasoned highway engineers are extremely well versed with the DMRB and MCHW with regards all types pavement foundation and surfacing design and maintenance on both local roads and the Strategic Road Network and are Members of the IAT, keeping up to date with all latest trends and innovations.

Our traffic engineers can provide technical design solutions for permanent and temporary traffic management requirements in accordance with the TSRGD, TSM, inc. Ch.8 on even the most complicated contraflow and closure/diversion scenarios, also advising on TTROs and road space.

Street Lighting Design
VRS Design
RSA / NMU Audits
Drainage Design
Traffic Signals Design
Geotechnical Design

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